The design of the HAYDA scarves was inspired by Soviet time gymnastic outfits, integrating the graphics and color patterns of the period. The base of the entire scarf design is the name “MAMMU” which has been taken apart and reassembled in the colorful pattern of the scarf. However, when different people look at the scarf they see different things: some see a pedestrian crossing, others see Tetris or piano keys, again emphasizing how varied and different our perception of the present, past and future are.

The t-shirts were born from the desire to create something calm, easy and clean amidst all the loud, graphic, printed and branded t-shirts. It also had to be pleasant to the skin, easy to wear and differ from manufactured ones in details. The t-shirts come in monochrome and pastel colors are deconstructed at the brims and have seams in various light color combinations.

Design by Anete Hayda

Moodshoot done by Camillo Echeverri